**a work in progress, just like this website :)

A Sustainable Adventure

towards and within happiness

whether you already know me or you would like to get to know me or you forgot who i was and now you want to re-learn me or you just want to read about a random, strange person from a safe, behind-the-computer screen distance, i've created this blog for all of the above scenarios. but i must let you know that this is mostly for myself, selfish as it may seem. :)

i am in love with my life. i love my husband, i love my kids, i love my dog, i love our family, i love the home that we have created, i love my friends, i love dreaming about the future and doing my best to soak in the present as it flies by us.

as each day goes on, there is just so much that i want to accomplish. my to-do list grows exponentially every single day of my life and it always manages to sprint in the other direction as i desperately try to chase after it. i have so many dreams and aspirations of things that i want to create, places i want to visit or move to, new ideas that i want to transform into realities. i dream about everything, figuratively and literally (which i'll likely share more on at some point).

writing a blog is one of those items that has been on my list for quite a long time. now, i will not sit here and say that i am an amazing writer or that you should follow me or read this every day. i don't have a degree in english or literature and although i mostly can't stand grammatical or spelling errors, i can't promise that there will not be any here. basically, the reason i've always wanted to write a blog is because sometimes, i have so many thoughts and ideas in my head at any given moment, that i feel as if i may explode. this should be a nice outlet for me and *hopefully* less of a mess to clean up afterwards.

but also, it has always been much easier for me to express myself with words written down or typed up than it is for me to speak them aloud. i love writing but i never do it enough. this is both a challenge and a reward for me. i want to share my life and its experiences with others, but at the same time, i want to help myself remember those experiences and use them as a foundation for those yet to come.

my husband and i often talk about leaving behind a legacy to our children and their children and on and on down the line. i think the moment that each of us were born, we already began creating that legacy. so we continue on and see how the legacy changes and grows.

we want to be sustainable, not just in the off-the-grid sense and in the way that we live and eat and grow and harvest and survive off the land, but in our own, individual and together happiness. we are on an adventure in this life and we should be basking in every moment of it. sustainability is the capacity to endure. we want to endure the struggles and the blessings that life brings to us and have an awesome time doing so, while we wait for eternal life on the other side!

aaannd that just got deep. it won't all be like that, i promise. :) the purpose for this blog is, like i said, to get some of what goes on inside my brain out. i may share some deep thoughts or funny stories or scary dreams. i'll probably talk about my husband and our kids and our dog. a lot. i'll also share other things like recipes and someday maybe some 'did-it-myself' projects.

thank you for being my ears and the pages in my diary. i'm happy to have you along for the ride.

<3 Chelsea Girl