**a work in progress, just like this website :)

A Sustainable Adventure

towards and within happiness

Pleased to meet you!

my name is chelsea noel dama. i am a 29-year-old gal who loves to dream. my favorite partner to do so with is my husband, josh. he is truly my soulmate and we stand proudly beside each other as we make our way through this adventure of life. we took 'the big plunge' on sept. 29, 2012 and it was, by far, the best decision we've ever made because i know that our lives would not be complete without each other.

josh and i are now the proud parents of twins! our baby girl, rowan penelope, and our little boy, silas porter, are the lights in our life. things have definitely changed a lot around our household since their arrival, but we can't imagine life without them. our chocolate lab, aka our 'dog-son', wallace wanganui, is along for the ride as well – he provides a plentiful amount of entertainment and energy and cuteness.

i am a huge country girl at heart. i love being outdoors, whether it be camping, fishing, hiking or trying out some local VA wines. at the same time, i'm also a big homebody and love bumming around with my husband, kids and pup, wearing sweatpants and never putting on makeup or a real bra (or showering).

did i mention i love wine? and beer. oh, and food. i love eating and cooking - i'm definitely at home in the kitchen. *insert your stereotypical woman joke here* but it's true. i will usually have music on at any given time, and it could be anything from country to reggae to bette midler.